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Coronavirus and Schools: Progress Monitoring Language


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Can you share an example of language to use for 3rd quarter progress monitoring?

Sure. First, understand that the IDEA requires that LEAs issue progress reports on annual goals only as often as progress is reported for non-disabled peers, unless the IEP team agrees to a more frequent progress-reporting interval. Districts will only be required to report third quarter (or second trimester) progress on IEP goals if they have issued or plan to issue grade reports for regular education coursework. Of course, districts can always opt to issue progress reports regardless.

Assuming a district must, or wants to, issue third quarter (or second trimester) progress reports, we recommend that the report include the following statement:

Because school closures resulting from the pandemic interrupted the third quarter, this report does not reflect complete data collection.

If this statement is true for all goal areas, it need not be repeated with each goal, of course.