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Karl Romberger Produces Program for Federal Bar Association

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(New Britain, PA) Karl A. Romberger, Jr. of Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Chair for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Chapter of the Federal Bar Association recently developed a CLE course entitled “How to Use Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 16,” that was presented on June 20, 2016 at the William J. Green, Jr. Federal Building in Philadelphia.

Developed from a concept originating with the Hon. Jeffrey L. Schemhl, the program covered practical knowledge on the various provisions of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 16 and how Rule 16 can provide attorneys with an opportunity to structure their cases to their client's benefit. In addition to Judge Schmehl, speakers included Mag. Judge Richard A. Lloret and attorneys Jeffery R. Elliott and Andrew N. Howe. In addition to opening and closing the session, Romberger developed the course materials and secured CLE board approval.

The Federal Bar Association monitors and advocates on federal issues that impact the practice of federal lawyers and the courts, offering educational and networking programs for its 18,000 members, which include 1,500 federal judges.

Romberger’s work with Sweet Stevens includes advising school entities about special education, student services, school-behavioral health placement reimbursement disputes, civil rights, policy development, contracts and service provider arrangements. He is a regular presenter before various continuing legal education audiences and has also been trained as a special education hearing officer with the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education.

Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams, LLP was formed in 1995 by nine experienced education lawyers who created the first private law practice in Pennsylvania dedicated entirely to Education Law.  Since then, the firm has grown to 16 attorneys who represent over 290 school and municipal entities as Solicitors or as Special Counsel in more than 50 counties throughout Pennsylvania.