Our Practice

Our work as a Pennsylvania education law firm has us serving primarily in one of two roles for school districts and other school entities: Solicitor or Special Counsel.

As Solicitor, the firm’s attorneys serve in the role of a general counsel, the chief legal advisor on all issues.  

As Special Counsel, the firm provides support to the local solicitor, serving the school entity as an additional resource and providing experience in complex areas of education and labor law in which specialized assistance is needed.

Currently, the firm serves as Special Counsel to over 200 school districts and serves as Solicitor to roughly two dozen school districts, vocational/technical schools and intermediate units.

Additionally, the firm has represented (and continues to represent) a number of municipalities in labor matters or as Special Counsel or Solicitor.

Our extensive experience in serving many different school districts/entities and municipalities affords us the ability to draw on other client experiences to provide prompt and definitive solutions while handling every issue with the utmost confidence and sensitivity.

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