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Coronavirus and Schools: Progress Reporting for the Fourth Quarter (Follow Up)


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If report cards are not being issued, would it then be necessary to document 4th quarter progress at all if our obligation is to report as often on IEP progress as is done for all.students?

We have advised throughout the COVID-19 closure that you should endeavor to come as close to compliance with the FAPE mandate as conditions allow, knowing that in many particulars you will fall short. Progress monitoring and progress reporting is just one more component of the FAPE mandate that might fall by the wayside as we scramble, with limited time and resources, to fulfill other components of that mandate. You are only required to do progress reporting for students with disabilities if you are grade reporting for students who are not disabled. If you are not, then progress reporting falls into the category of FAPE mandates you should try your best to meet but can opt not to meet if other priorities beckon.