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Coronavirus Newsroom Update


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New Britain, PA – As a public service to the education community during the COVID-19 crisis, the education law firm of Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams took the lead in keeping the school community informed of the latest developments in providing timely and free advice to help schools navigate unprecedented challenges.

To support the education community, since the beginning of the pandemic we have reposted in the "news" section of our website all of the legal opinions and helpful tools that would ordinarily only have been available to our Pool Counsel subscribers.

For those unfamiliar with this offering, Pool Counsel is a service of the firm where members are "pooled" on the email distribution of on-demand answers to various operational questions from subscribers in the areas of Labor and Employment, Special Education, and Technology. Additionally, subscriptions include access to an online Resource Room where members can log in to access the full library of all past answers.

Now that most of Pennsylvania is moving toward "green" phases and reopenings, we will now return to posting that advice solely in the Resource Room. We remain committed to providing the best and most timely advice we can to assist with issues from the development of health and safety plans to determining the need for compensatory services to implementing entirely new ways of providing education under anticipated new legal standards.

For more information about Pool Counsel subscription options, contact Andy Faust or Jane Williams.

Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams, LLP was formed in 1995 by nine experienced education lawyers who created the first private law practice in Pennsylvania dedicated entirely to Education Law. Since then, the firm has grown to 20 attorneys who represent over 290 school and municipal entities as Solicitors or as Special Counsel in more than 50 counties throughout Pennsylvania.