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Mark Cheramie Walz Interviewed on Smart Talk Radio on the Topic of Students and Social Media

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Mark Cheramie Walz was interviewed this week on WITF's "Smart Talk" radio program on a recent ruling that said a student could be punished for comments made outside of school on social media.

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In the ruling on R.L. v. Central York School District, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania indicated that a school was justified for suspending a student for a Facebook post made outside of school, because the comment was found to be a disruption to school activities.

On the program, Mark discusses a number of issues, including:

  • How this ruling is the opposite of rulings in recent years, which have said you can’t regulate speech made by kids out of school
  • The difference between a student’s claim to free speech and a perceived threat
  • The possible future effect this has on student discipline for similiar occurrances, and also on cyberbullying, something schools have grappled with for years

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