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Stephanos Interviewed on Disciplinary Protections for 504 Students

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New Britain, PA - Christina Stephanos of Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams was interviewed recently for an article for entitled "Get up to speed on disciplinary protections for 504 students." 

The article covered the law in terms of discipline of students with learning diabilities, with special focus on such areas as:

  • when to conduct a manifestation determination review
  • what to watch for in terms of short-term suspensions
  • communcation with necessary parties during such actions

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Stephanos brings a powerful and multifaceted professional perspective to her special education law practice:  she earned a degree in Special Education, certificates in both Reading and Elementary Education, taught Language Arts and Special Education for six years, and served as a staff attorney for the Defender Association of Philadelphia, Child Advocacy Unit.

Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams, LLP was formed in 1995 by nine experienced education lawyers who created one of the first private law practices in Pennsylvania dedicated entirely to Education Law.  Since then, the firm has grown to 16 attorneys who represent over 290 school and municipal entities as Solicitors or as Special Counsel in more than 50 counties throughout Pennsylvania.