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Sweet Stevens again taking the lead at Pennsylvania Exceptional Children Conference

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(Lancaster, PA) - Several attorneys from Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams again played pivotal roles at the annual “Exceptional Children Conference,” hosted by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. This annual event, which was held October 30, 2017 at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, is considered one of the premier educational conferences in Pennsylvania focusing on students with special needs. Each year, attendees come from all areas of education, from attorneys, to school administrators, board members, and parents. And each year, attorneys from the firm participate on a significant level.

  • In 2017 Thomas C. Warner served as vice chair of the conference, as he did in 2016, overseeing all planning and logistics
  • Andrew E. Faust conducted the always-popular annual “Year in Review” session with attorney Caryl Oberman: a “he said, she said” roundup of legislative and case law developments
  • Sharon W. Montanye co-presented a session on discipline, school refusal and bullying, and
  • Karl A. Romberger, Jr., co-presented a session on effective advocacy in federal courts

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Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams, LLP was formed in 1995 by nine experienced education lawyers who created the first private law practice in Pennsylvania dedicated entirely to Education Law. Since then, the firm has grown to 16 attorneys who represent over 290 school and municipal entities as Solicitors or as Special Counsel in more than 50 counties throughout Pennsylvania.