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Pool Counsel Quarterly Lookback, August 2023: See what you missed!

A roundup of topics covered recently as part of the firm’s subscriber-based service.

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Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP is proud to offer a unique subscription-based service entitled "Pool Counsel" to school entities.

With this service, members are pooled on the email distribution of on-demand answers to various operational questions from subscribers in the areas of Special Education and Technology. Here are some topics covered recently:

Concerns related to new forms proposed by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Special Education.

A district shares plans for a virtual learning platform, wondering if the admissions criteria for students with disabilities would be permissible.

Iinformation areas of concern on Pennsylvania Senate Bill 565.

The definition of parent under the IDEA is complicated, but even more so when two individuals assumed the roles of parents of a student in one district... and, in a follow up question, what happens when a student claims to be an “unaccompanied youth?"

The implications - and inanity - of the new complaint A.P. v. Pennsylvania Department of Education.

An intermediate unit has questions related to their transportation challenges with preschool students.

How might decisions made during the latest term of the United State Supreme Court affect K-12 education?

When it comes to Section 504 eligibility criteria, what does “substantially limits” truly and practically mean?

A school has historically held separate maturation talks for 5th grade students. This year, a parent's concern has the district wondering if it should be switched to a gender neutral program. Does the law address this?

A district requests a list of names & addresses of Early Intervention students so that they can begin planning transportation plans. Can an IU legally provide this?

The Supreme Court has issued a ruling in a major copyright dispute about the limits of Fair Use. What are some takeaways from the decision?

Benefits of the Pool Counsel service include not only the ability to ask questions 24/7, but also an electronic “Resource Room,” where members can log in to access the full library of all past Pool Counsel answers, searchable by topic and archived by year

To learn more, contact Andy Faust (Special Education) or Mark Cheramie Walz (Technology) or call 215-345-9111.