Our Practice Educational Technology

The integration of technology and education continues to be one of the most significant changes to schools in a generation.

Our education technology practice is dedicated to finding practical solutions that harness new technologies to enhance learning while protecting the legal interests of school districts or other school entities.  Our substantial experience in educational technology provides strong support to school solicitors across the state who may not be able to stay on top of such a rapidly changing field, its increasingly complex technological trends, and the intricate array of legal and regulatory requirements.  

Our EdTech Pool Counsel provides members with a vast array of resources and legal opinions on new technologies and legal issues as quickly as they emerge. 

Rather than each school entity or intermediate unit (IU) re-inventing the wheel through new policies and procedures for each new tech trend, our considerable background with these evolving issues allows us to provide timely advice on the trend and guide how to successfully navigate the legal issues involved.  A model acceptable use policy, mobile device policies, and electronic records management procedures are updated based upon changes in law and technology and quickly distributed to clients.  Ultimately, our experience in the field and the resources of the Pool Counsel save precious monetary resources for school entities and IUs by preventing costly litigation and legal missteps.

Sample Issues Include:

  • Teacher and student use of social media, both in and out of school
  • Mobile device use in schools
  • How to deploy 1:1 computers or tablets for each student
  • E-discovery compliance
  • Electronic records management
  • E-rate and compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act

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