Our Practice Municipal Law

Our firm routinely serves as solicitor and special counsel to municipalities and municipal authorities. We have covered virtually every aspect of municipal law, including researching and drafting ordinances and litigating zoning disputes.

We have considerable experience in handling issues of governance, including compliance with the Sunshine Act and the Right to Know Law, and the word “experienced” doesn’t begin to cover our work involving labor representation.  We successfully guide negotiations with uniformed and non-uniformed personnel, and skillfully handle the defense of grievances. 

Since our practice only represents public entities, we understand the need to be responsive, attentive and creative.  Our municipal clients are responsible to their own constituents and regularly wrestle with increasingly difficult challenges in governance, and we do everything we can to make their role easier.  Our work in this arena includes:

Solicitor work

  • Drafting, revising and reviewing ordinances, resolutions and motions
  • Representing the client’s interests magisterial district court on zoning enforcement matters, fines, and collection of service fees
  • Ensuring compliance with the Sunshine Act and the Right to Know Law
  • Litigation of tax assessment disputes
  • Preparation and negotiation of land development agreements

Labor work

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements with uniform personnel under Act 111
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements with non-uniform personnel
  • Defense of grievances
  • Negotiating contracts with key administrative personnel
  • Advising on discipline and discharge issues


  • Representation of zoning hearing boards
  • Representation of municipalities before zoning hearing boards

Special Counsel

  • Litigation on behalf of the municipality in contract disputes, construction matters and injunction and mandamus actions
  • Representation of the municipality in complex zoning matters before the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and Supreme Court

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