Our Practice Solicitor Services

School boards and district staff are confronted with legal issues daily. Having a trusted solicitor to vet those issues and provide counsel can save a district from costly mistakes.

From employment contracts to federal and state regulations and school code requirements, legal issues are an integral part of managing a school district. Yet, school board directors, administrators, faculty and staff are not legal experts; nor are they supposed to be. That’s why the role of a school solicitor is so important. An experienced professional fluent in these matters can provide the legal guidance and support needed to keep a district running smoothly and out of jeopardy.

While larger districts may employ in-house counsel, it is common practice for mid-size and smaller districts to contract with a law firm that practices in education law. As with our other services, you only pay for what you need. You are not billed unless you request our assistance.

Our services in this area include:

  • Providing advice and guidance on all legal issues facing the school board, administration, and district. We work to anticipate potential problems with the goal of avoiding costly litigation before it starts.
  • Attending school board meetings, providing the critical face-to-face interaction that fosters open, thoughtful discussion and answers to immediate questions.
  • Guiding appropriate executive session content and Sunshine Law compliance.
  • Assisting and training in Title IX compliance.
  • Assisting with Right-to-Know responses.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and district policies to minimize legal ramifications.
  • Providing information and support on labor and employment issues.
  • Advising on the Pennsylvania School Code and its implementation and staying apprised of recent court decisions and trends in school law.
  • Representing districts in litigation. We take pride in the hundreds of matters that have been judicially dismissed against our clients by way of judgment and/or trial.   

We were founded by education lawyers. School law is the core of all we do. Our extensive experience allows us to draw on past successes to provide valuable advice and guidance for the successful operation of your district.

To learn more about our work in this area, contact us today.